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Northern Irish policing needs the “very best” Catholics, says Archbishop of Armagh

"We need our very best young people to join the police – and serve the community with generosity, concern, respect and courage,” says Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Orange Order parades in Glasgow banned from passing a Catholic church

Police Scotland said that if the march was not rerouted, officers from across the country would need to be drafted into Glasgow.


Priest spat on and assaulted by Orangemen in Glasgow

“No march that ends with such scenes should be allowed on that route in future.” – Mike Russell, Scottish National Party


It’s ‘Nice Ice Baby’ as Crosscare kids get their skates on

The young people develop real friendships with each other, and face and overcome some big challenges together.


Oxford theologian pays tribute to Fr Gabriel Daly

“Traditionalists have every right to hold reactionary opinions; they have no right to impose them on others in the name of a false conception of orthodoxy.”


True pluralism embraces faith’s contribution

Archbishop Martin calls for greater inclusiveness of the disadvantaged in the Irish educational system at a graduation Mass for St Patrick's College.


Bishop condemns attack on Oratory in NI

Crosses, statues, pews and windows smashed in “act of pointless destruction”.


Petrol bomb attack on Belfast Catholic Church

Incident condemned as “despicable and completely sectarian.”

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