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Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act

Unborn are deserving of human rights protection

Pro Life advocates appeal to Kildare gathering to make the 8th amendment a key election issue.


PLC welcomes defeat of Coppinger abortion bill

Attempt to force repeal of “the last remaining constitutional protection for the unborn" defeated by 74 to 23 in Dáil.


Thousands are alive thanks to 8th amendment

Pro Life Campaign rejects yet another attack on the pro-life amendment.


PLC raps Amnesty over abortion law criticism

"Amnesty International was once an organisation that you could depend on to defend human rights."


Rockstar’s ex speaks out against abortion in Dublin

Disability rights campaigner, Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick, warns PLC conference of the step by step advance of euthanasia.


Bill seeks repeal of amendment protecting unborn

PLC warns private members' bill aims to strip away any "remaining legal protection for the unborn child to create a regime where abortion is available on request."


Rally in solidarity with baby Hope and his mother

Pro life vigils take place in Dublin today and Saturday to highlight "equal care" due to mother and baby.


PLC publishes Euro candidates’ responses on abortion

Don't vote for candidates standing for parties that voted for abortion say pro life groups.


Vigil 4 Life draws crowd of 15,000

Recently commissioned poll shows clear majority of women are opposed to abortion.


Abortion act to become law on 1 January 2014

Medical staff in designated centres able to perform abortions under the terms of the Act.


Abortion law goes “against spirit of the Constitution”

Fr Kevin Doran says he resigned from Mater over abortion law.


Continue fight on abortion US pro life activist urges

Change of venue for Saturday's Pro Life Campaign AGM due to exceptional public interest.


Bishops call on parishes to celebrate Day for Life

‘Care for Life: It’s Worth It’ focuses on care for unborn and mothers, the elderly and the suicidal.


Mater Hospital will perform abortions under terms of Act

Hospital confirms it will comply with the law despite its Catholic ethos.

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