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Irish bishops’ statement ahead of ‘Day for Life’

“The Word of God neither ages nor ceases to be relevant, no matter what changes occur in our society.”


Cinemas across Ireland to show film telling story of pro-life conversion

“The pro-life people of Ireland have suffered greatly in recent years, fighting against the culture of death, against misinformation and seemingly against the tide of public opinion,” says Abby Johnson, protagonist.


Political progress in Northern Ireland may be undermined by House of Lords vote, warns bishop

“Decision-making should take place as close to the people as possible. This proposal is an imposition enacted by a parliament which is overwhelmingly not from Northern Ireland.”


Pro-Life Campaign marks first anniversary of the end of the Eighth Amendment

“The Pro-Life Movement approaches the first anniversary of the referendum with both profound sadness and renewed determination.”


Pro-life politicians launch local election campaigns this week

New Irish party hoping to field 70 candidates. “Aontú means unity. We hope to heal the divisions that exist in Irish society,” says Aontú leader, Deputy Peadar Toibín.


Caution needed over anti-abortion protests, Archbishop warns

“I would be particularly cautious about protesting against GPs because everybody is going there, and people go there for all sorts of reasons.”


Unite behind pro-life medical professionals, Bishop urges

“Catholics and people who hold that all human life is sacred from the first moment of conception have no obligation whatsoever to obey this law.”


No room for pro-life conscience in Sinn Féin as party suspends West Meath TD

“Peadar Tóibín’s decision to vote against the legislation is a serious breach of the party’s rules and he has now been suspended for a period of six months.”


Precious Life say “Civil Rights begin in the Womb” at Derry Commemoration March

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life will attend the Civil Rights Commemoration March in Derry on Saturday 6th October. Precious Life say they will expose Sinn Féin’s “hypocrisy” in claiming to support civil rights while denying the fundamental right to life of unborn children. The Commemoration March has been organised by Sinn Féin to


Precious Life respond to Ulster University’s Survey on the effects of abortion as a workplace issue

Precious Life have responded to a survey from Ulster University claiming that women who had abortions “suffered workplace stigmatisation.” The study, which is being used to push for the introduction of abortion in Northern Ireland, was commissioned by abortion campaigners and five trade unions. Precious Life challenged the survey: “The validity of this survey is


Doctors seek full freedom of conscience protections under new abortion law.

A group of general practitioners representing doctors for freedom of conscience met with TDs and Senators this morning at an event hosted by the Oireachtas Human Dignity group in Leinster House.   The doctors outlined their concerns with the way that the Minister for Health is unilaterally imposing abortion provision on general practice without any


Bruton urges pro-life movement to create “supportive environment for life”

Greater recognition must be given in Ireland's welfare system and tax codes to the cost of rearing children, former Taoiseach says.


Video – I’m a young proud Irish woman and I’m voting No

“I’m sick of being told that without the right to take a life, without the right to kill, that somehow I am not equal. This is not a proposal designed to help women – it is an excuse to do nothing else.” Source: Save the 8th


Video – Women hurt by abortion

“All I needed was someone to come alongside and say to me you can do this. But it wasn’t there…..the support I needed, the information I needed, wasn’t there.” Source: Choose Life 2018.ie


Video-Parents lose the right to sue loss of unborn for medical negligence if 8th repealed

“The 8th amendment has been used by lawyers acting on behalf of parents of stillborn children to hold careless third parties to account for the carelessness that led to the still-birth of their child. One such couple was Lavinia Doyle and her partner Luca Chiussi….the HSE argued that Ms Doyle’s child was not a person….The


Video – Sandra, diagnosed at 14 weeks with baby with Edward’s Syndrome urges No

Sandra Caulfield, whose baby Hope Rose was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 14 weeks, urges a No vote. Source: Save the 8th


Video – Dr McKenna on why most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th

Doctor McKenna reiterates the fact that most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th amendment, because it is not healthcare. If the 8th amendment is repealed it will lead to abortion on demand up to 12 weeks in Ireland. Minister Harris has proposed that this will be a GP-led service, however to date there


Video – Most medical professionals are not supporting repeal the 8th

Most medical professionals are not supporting the repeal of the 8th amendment and are remaining neutral, because this is not a healthcare issue. As five former chairs of the Institute of Obstetricians have pointed out, it’s about legalising abortion on demand in Ireland. Source: Save the 8th


Video – Councillor Keith Redmond – Too far for me

Councillor Keith Richmond on why he is voting No on May 25th – because the Government’s unrestricted proposals are too far for him.   Source: Love Both


Love Them Both – Archbishop Eamon Martin as the 25 May Referendum approaches

Dear brothers and sisters, When I wrote to you in January about protecting the Eighth Amendment, I invited you to spread the word about the precious gift of life from the first moment of conception until the moment of natural death.  I encouraged you to be “missionaries for the cause of life”. Since then the


Bishop John Buckley’s pastoral message on the Right to Life

Within days Ireland will be facing a Referendum to remove the right to life of the unborn from the Constitution.  I am asking you to reflect on a number of issues and misinformation that people have brought to my attention since the publication of my pastoral letter. Some people fail to see the humanity of


Pastoral message by Bishop Kevin Doran to the Diocese of Elphin on the Right to Life

Dear Parishioners, Today we celebrate the Holy Spirit whom we describe in the Creed each week as the “Giver of Life”.  We have five days left to do all that we can to protect that Gift of Life.  I want to acknowledge the generosity of all those who have worked so hard, through the toughest


Video – Frank, Social Worker

Abortion is often coerced or forced, particularly for vulnerable young women. Listen to Frank, a social worker, explain. Source: Save the 8th


Video – Dr Rory Maguire – Heart is beating at 22 days

Source: Irish Doctors for Life.com  


News: Estimates of the number of abortions if the 8th is repealed

The LoveBoth campaign held a press conference this morning to launch an independent actuarial report*   to review the potential effect of a vote for repeal on Ireland’s abortion rate. Commenting at the launch, LoveBoth spokesperson Caroline Simons stated: “Minister Simon Harris has previously drawn comparisons between his proposed law and the abortion laws in other European countries. On that


Video – Choose Life – Life-limiting conditions are still life

“The term fatal foetal abnormality is not only hurtful to parents, it is also medically inappropriate and misleading. No doctor can say with certainty just how long a child with these conditions can live outside the womb” Tracy Harkin Source: Choose Life 2018


Video-Dr Niall Maguire-Abortions will take priority over every other gynecological procedure

“Each surgical abortion will take priority over all other gynecological or obstetric services because you can’t have a waiting list for an abortion. This is estimated to be approximately 2,000 within one year if the 8th Amendment is repealed.” Source: Save the 8th


Video – In Britain 97% of abortions are on healthy babies to healthy mothers

In England and Wales 97% of all abortions are carried out under ‘Ground C’, which means there is a risk to the mental health of the mother. But even Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service [BPAS], one of the largest abortion providers in England and Wales, has publicly stated that ‘women have

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