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Precious Life respond to Ulster University’s Survey on the effects of abortion as a workplace issue

28 September, 2018

Precious Life have responded to a survey from Ulster University claiming that women who had abortions “suffered workplace stigmatisation.”

The study, which is being used to push for the introduction of abortion in Northern Ireland, was commissioned by abortion campaigners and five trade unions.

Precious Life challenged the survey: “The validity of this survey is greatly weakened by the fact that it was commissioned by abortion campaigners. Because of its source, this piece of research is by no means objective or impartial and we don’t believe that it should be used as a basis to argue for the erosion of our pro-life laws,” Precious Life Director Bernadette Smyth said.

Only 2,031 people from Northern Ireland responded to the survey conducted by Ulster University, the majority of whom did not support Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws. Yet Dr Fiona Bloomer, lead researcher for Ulster University claimed, “This study provides a clear evidence base for the trade union movement to not only continue to lobby for legal reform but also to campaign for workplace policies which support women.”

Bernadette Smyth continued, “Its credibility is also seriously undermined because researchers admit that the majority of those surveyed did not support Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws, but were actually in favour of a change to the law to allow abortion here. The survey is through and through a pro-abortion one.”

Mrs Smyth went on to point out that trade unions in Ireland have a track-record of bias when it comes to the abortion issue. “We know that trade unions in the Republic of Ireland were not neutral on this issue, but actively campaigned for the repeal of the pro-life eighth amendment,” she explained.

Mrs Smyth also highlighted the mental health problems post-abortive women often face, and called for better care for women facing unintended or difficult pregnancies.

“These abortion campaigners and trade unionists are claiming to care about women’s mental health, yet they persistently choose to not only ignore but also deny the detrimental and devastating impact abortion has on women’s mental health. If they truly cared for the women of Northern Ireland, they would acknowledge that abortion hurts women. Abortion is a stressful and traumatic life event which exposes women to an increased risk of mental health problems.

“There is ample research which shows that abortion carries an increased risk of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependence, self-harm and suicidal behaviour. Women deserve so much better than abortion.

Precious Life will continue to work to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable, and to offer women considering abortion loving and life-affirming alternatives which protect both mothers and babies,” Bernadette Smyth concluded.

Press contact: Bernadette Smyth – 07956451655  /  02890278484

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