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Video-Parents lose the right to sue loss of unborn for medical negligence if 8th repealed

24 May, 2018

“The 8th amendment has been used by lawyers acting on behalf of parents of stillborn children to hold careless third parties to account for the carelessness that led to the still-birth of their child. One such couple was Lavinia Doyle and her partner Luca Chiussi….the HSE argued that Ms Doyle’s child was not a person….The 8th amendment was the bulwark against this line of argument. As long as it remains in the Constitution the 8th amendment makes it clear that the unborn is a person with a right that does not depend him on being born alive. In the Doyle’s case , it helped them achieve..a substantial settlement of their claims. In the event of repeal, a still born child will be deprived of that legal argument, no matter how careless the drunk -driver, no matter how negligent the hospital, no matter how irresponsible the State has been in causing his or her death. Holding the powerful responsible for their actions and enforcing the highest standards of care for mothers and their unborn children is another good reason for voting NO.”

Source: Save the 8th

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