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Doctors for Life stand strong against media attack

By Katie Ascough - 30 May, 2020

According to the Pro Life Campaign’s e-newsletter, Vital Signs, an Irish Independent reporter has launched a profoundly unjust attack on Doctors for Life, an organisation for doctors who wish to uphold the practice of medicine as a service to human life at all stages.

The journalist’s report took issue with pro-life doctors prescribing progesterone to women who had taken the abortion pill but changed their mind and now wanted to keep their baby. Abortion pill reversal (APR) has saved the lives of countless babies in other countries who were on the brink of dying from the abortion pills that their mothers had taken.

According to the Pro Life Campaign, a person who was unfamiliar with how “abortion pill reversal” works and happened to read the report in Tuesday’s Irish Independent would have been left with the false but distinct impression that it was impossible to undo the effects of the abortion pill and that trying to save the baby in this way posed a potentially serious risk to the health of women.

In the online newsletter, the Pro Life Campaign highlights how, in the same week that “abortion pill reversal” was attacked in Ireland, news emerged that an unborn baby had its life ended in England after a woman took “pills by post” abortion drugs while 28 weeks pregnant. The story, the organisation says, received scant coverage in the media, which is “inexcusable”.

The pro-life organisation highlights at least one positive aspect the undercover report revealed, and that is the way it demonstrated that pro-life doctors are not going to cower or capitulate to those who distort and misrepresent them. 

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