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Little Sisters of the Poor

Flags fly for American Carmelite founder

"Mother Mary Angeline would make a very good official saint of the church for the times we are living in."


Bishop Doran pays tribute to Knock’s visionaries

The witnesses “were ordinary people who lived in a very ordinary little village” and included “men, women and children ranging in age from four-year-old John Curry (who spoke no Irish) to Bridget Trench in her seventies (who spoke no English).”


Bishop Farrell celebrates 150 years of the Little Sisters of the Poor

"The slope of the aging population, along which Ireland is sliding, presents major challenges. Perhaps never before has there been such a need to care for the aging poor."


Pipes of Christmas to honour Knock visionary John Curry

The 2017 concert sees the world premiere of ‘Beautiful Things’, an original composition by acclaimed Celtic harper Cormac de Barra of Dublin, which commemorates the apparition of Our Lady in Knock in 1879.


Cardinal Dolan presides at Requiem Mass for Knock visionary

John Curry was “A man whose only quiet boast was that he was an altar boy from his childhood in Knock to his death at Sacred Heart home with the Little Sisters of the Poor – rarely if ever missing daily Mass – and Holy Communion.”


Witness to Knock apparition to be buried at NY Cathedral

The body of the youngest witness to the Apparition of Knock, John Curry, is to be buried in the grounds of the old St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.


Court backs Sisters’ right not to give contraceptives

“A huge win for the Little Sisters, religious liberty, and all Americans,” - Mark Rienzi of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.


Waterford celebration of Year of Consecrated Life

Former East End gangster John Pridmore and the new Bishop of Waterford & Lismore will speak at the Little Sisters of the Poor's special vocations day later this month.


Little Sisters’ win supreme court case

Nuns had objected to birth control mandate on religious grounds.

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