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labour market

Single parents often better off not working

The high cost of childcare means that nearly one in five lone parents are better off not working.


Right to work strengthened for asylum seekers in Ireland

Asylum seekers now have the option to leave Direct Provision centres if they wish and look for their own accommodation. Up to 3,000 people will be eligible to take up temporary or permanent jobs.


Social Justice Ireland highlights poverty linked to income inequality

SJI warns that 18 percent of adults living in poverty in Ireland are employed - the “working poor”.


PSNI Chief wants more Catholics in the Force

“We want the police service to be as representative as it possibly can be.”


Hundreds of asylum seekers living in limbo: JRS

Jesuit Refugee Service calls on the Government to provide funding and support to help them transition to life outside Direct Provision.


272,000 fewer full-time jobs in Ireland today

Social Justice Ireland warns of "precarious" employment with an increase in the number of part-time jobs which have left many underemployed.


Austerity has resulted in intense suffering: SJI

Some 123 million EU citizens – one in every four – are at risk of poverty and social exclusion – an increase of 7 million in the six years up to 2013.


16% of Irish adults living in poverty are employed

Numbers living in poverty have increased by 120,000 since beginning of the recession, Social Justice Ireland highlights.

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