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Henry VIII

Turbulent priest, St Thomas Becket to feature in major British Museum exhibition in 2020

"You can find images of his murder in churches across Latin Christendom, from Germany and Spain, to Italy and Norway. Becket was, and remains, a truly European saint," says Lloyd de Beer of the British Museum.


Lifejackets for pilgrims to Canons’ Island in Shannon Estuary

“The weather was good and the water was calm. It was a lovely place to be.”


New blow to Church unity: Ukrainian Church breaks with Moscow Patriarchy

"This day is a sacred day, the day we created an autocephalous local Orthodox Church. It is a day of final independence from Russia." – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.


Holy St Cuthbert! Europe’s oldest book goes on display this month

Measuring less than 14cm x 9.5cm, the book earns its name from the fact that it was found in 1104 inside the coffin of St Cuthbert, who was once England's most venerated saint.


Damaged plaster at Clonmel Friary reveals 600 years of history

A fundraising drive will now take place to raise funds to preserve the tower.


TCD unveils 14th century Dublin manuscript

Manuscript contains “considerable body of new information which will help re-evaluate the history of St Mary’s Abbey and the civic life of Dublin in the 14th and 15th centuries”.


Concern over anti catholic bias in BBC’s Wolf Hall

Perverse achievement for Hilary Mantel and BBC Drama to make Thomas Cromwell a flawed hero and St Thomas More a scheming villain: Bishop Davies.

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