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gay marriage

ACP leader hits out at the “demonisation of Catholicism” by Leo Varadkar

“Priests in Ireland have more than most borne the heat of the day.”


Christian bakers lose gay marriage cake appeal

“The fact that a baker provides a cake for a particular team or portrays witches on a Halloween cake does not indicate any support for either” – Northern Ireland’s Lord Chief Justice, Sir Declan Morgan.


Instrumentum laboris for October’s synod released

78-page document says divorced and remarried couples should be “integrated” into the Church.


Tánaiste fails to endorse motherhood & fatherhood

Government believes "the sexes are completely interchangeable and that men and women bring nothing special and distinct to the lives of their children” - Iona Institute.


Archbishop made no call for conscience clause

Transcript shows Diarmuid Martin commented on freedom of conscience without making any specific proposal in relation to marriage referendum.


Church seeks accommodation of religious belief

“Our laws as they stand are having an unjust and disproportionate impact on those of religious faith" - Bishop Treanor.


Referendum is on the meaning of marriage: Bishop

In his Christmas message, Bishop Kevin Doran says the equal dignity of every person is beyond doubt.


Christian bakery in gay marriage cake row

Marriage in Northern Ireland still defined as being the union between one man and one woman bakery highlights.


Appeal for temperate language in gay marriage debate

Archbishop warns against harsh vindictive language at Mass for the sick.


Archbishop slates religious journalism’s reliance on speculation

No move to Rome for 68-year-old who is "very happy" in what he is doing.


UK bishops disappointed at legalisation of gay marriage

Archbishops Nichols and Smith warn legislation is “a watershed” which heralds "profound social change.”


Vatican cardinal joins freedom of conscience row

A top Vatican cardinal has warned the Government not to compel individuals and institutions to violate their conscience.

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