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Fundamentalists deliberately destabilise Burma (Myanmar), says bishop

"With little competition, only these individuals control the economy, which leads to a lack of development and poverty," – Bishop Yaw Han.


Irish team to build dairy in Africa over Christmas

Group from Economy of Communion will give hands-on treatment to their project in Burkino Faso.


Do more than welcome refugees

We need, in the words of Pope Francis, to strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family – Bishop John McAreavey.


Archbishop pays tribute to model public servant

Dr Ken Whitaker was “a true public servant, a man of integrity, a family man and a Christian” – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.


‘Turn promises into action for this generation’

At World Humanitarian Summit, President Higgins appeals to global community to act decisively on poverty, hunger, conflict, displacement and climate change.


Dublin conference on the impact of climate change

Professor John Fitzgerald, chair of the advisory committee to the Government on the environment, will address the conference on ‘Ecology and Economics’.


Pope urges closer cooperation on climate change

“Science & technology have placed in our hands unprecedented power: it is our duty towards humanity, the poor and future generations, to use it for the common good.”


Culture of communion generates shared wealth

Addressing poverty, must centre on the premise of "building fraternity as equals, enabling participation and empowerment to take root": Dr Lorna Gold.


Archbishop detects mood of uncertainty at Davos

Crisis of leadership and income inequalities are among key issues under discussion at this year’s gathering of the world’s political and business elite.


Peace involves building the structures: President

Need to bring “accountability to unaccountable forces encouraging fear in our world".


A rising tide won’t lift all boats SJI warns

Social Justice Ireland publishes 2014 Socio-Economic Review.


Enthusiasm for Reform Alliance’s new ‘national conversation’

Over a thousand travel from four corners of Ireland to RDS to discuss and plan political reform in institutions, economics and health systems.


Archbishop Neary defends Church’s right to participate in public debates

“A mature secularism would welcome and provide space for religious believers in the public sphere" Dr Neary comments.

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