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Climate Justice

Ireland’s lead on divestment will inspire other countries

If the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill is passed, Ireland will be the first country to ban investment of public money into the fossil fuel industry, says Trócaire director.


Focolare gathering to focus on mercy in politics & climate justice

In the current climate of mistrust, Focolare's message of dialogue and unity has a vital role to play in forging "bonds of understanding" between people says Focolare Co-director.


Primate hosts cross-border talks on climate change

Summit in Paris provides a historic opportunity to re-balance the equation towards more just and sustainable development: Archbishop Martin.


Dublin conference on the impact of climate change

Professor John Fitzgerald, chair of the advisory committee to the Government on the environment, will address the conference on ‘Ecology and Economics’.


Moment of truth on climate change: President Higgins

"When history records the actions we take or fail to take at this our moment of truth, we will not have the excuse that we did not understand, that we did not know."


Pope’s encyclical on the environment due 18 June

Trócaire's conference 'Meeting the Challenge of Climate Justice' will examine how all sectors of Irish society can contribute towards building a low carbon future.


“Everyone has a role to play in climate justice”

Government should strengthen Climate Action Bill in line with recommendations of the Joint Committee of the Environment.


Climate Bill is deeply flawed Trócaire warns

"We cannot let Ireland continue to shirk its responsibilities around climate change."


Bishops and Trócaire take a stance on climate justice

'The Cry of the Earth' pastoral reflection reissued to highlight why and how care of the natural environment is rooted in the Christian faith.

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