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Asia Bibi “held hand of Christ” in prison

During my detention, I held the hand of Christ. It is thanks to him that I have stayed standing, says Asia Bibi.


“Give children back their childhood.”

Phone ban helps children reclaim their childhood, says school principal


SVP looks ahead to another busy year in 2018

There are 70,000 more Irish children living in poverty than there were in 2008 and more than one in ten of our children experience persistent poverty.


Church leaders express concern for homeless and migrants

“Courageous and decisive plans and sufficient funding to overcome the suffering and the deprivation of those who live on the precarious margins of society” is needed, Archbishop stresses.


Society depends so much on the family: Archbishop

"By destabilising marriage we are rapidly eroding the social structure on which humanity depends" warns Dr Michael Neary of Tuam.


Irish missionaries – comforting the world’s afflicted

Report on the work of Irish missionaries in the Philippines and Korea helping the marginalised and most disadvantaged.


Parents concerned about impact of advertising

New research commissioned by the Mothers Union shows four in five parents (80%) in Great Britain are concerned about the commercialisation of childhood.


Refugee children denied right to childhood: JRS

Statement published to coincide with World Refugee Day today.


Children from catholic backgrounds unaware of God

Bishop warns faith in God pushed from homes to the sidelines.


Prayers for Grandparents

128 pp. Veritas Publications. To purchase this book online go to www.veritas.ie

This small book has about 250 short prayers from grandchildren for their grandparents. The prayers are beautifully laid out each one separately on a coloured page; they have [...]


An illustrated catechism (2007)

This illustrated teaching resource presents the basic elements of the Catholic faith in four sections: The Creed, The Sacraments, The Commandments and Prayer.


The life of Mary

In this little book for children edited by Inos Biffi and illustrated by Franco Vignazia the stories of Mary’s life are told in pictures. They are like the stained glass windows in a Church that hold our gaze, requiring us to stop and contemplate each one.


The cat did not know

The Cat Did Not Know tells the story of Christ through the eyes of a small cat that follows Jesus from his birth through the key events of his life, ending with his cruxifixion and resurrection.


12 Days of Christmas

This is a delightful book for children, based on the well-known Christmas carol. It is written by Kathleen Darragh and and illustrated by Jeanette Dunne. Here children can discover for themselves in pictures and by reading the people, the images, the symbols and the variety that is the Christmas story. [...]


Trust in me

Sandra Cullen expresses very beautifully what it means for her as a mother to hand on the faith that inspires her life to her children.


Children, Catholicism and Religious Education

This book by Anne Hession and Patricia Kieran brings a welcome clarity to the language and thought about the major issues in the debate about Catholic religious education.


Nurturing children’s religious imagination: the challenge of primary religious education today

Nurturing Children’s Religious Imagination is aimed at primary school teachers, parents and others as they set about responding to the challenges of religious education in the twenty-first century It is edited by Raymond Topley and Gareth Byrne.


In whose best interest?

Fr Peter McVerry SJ makes the case for the kind of amendment to the Constitution that would adequately protect the best interests of the child.

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