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Casa Santa Marta

Vatican publishes book of Pope Francis’ ‘lockdown homilies’

“His homilies are precious because they are not only valid for back then,” said Fr Giulio Cesareo.


Papal prayers for those living in fear of COVID-19 pandemic

Bishop Leahy pays tribute to the Limerick COVID-19 Community Response which is ensuring that the daily needs of the elderly, unwell or those with a confirmed diagnosis or those isolating on suspicion of having COVID-19 are met.


Easter ceremonies to go ahead in Vatican without the faithful

The Easter ceremonies will take place in Rome but it is still uncertain how these celebrations will be conducted and who will participate in them, as this is currently under review and evolving.


Clonmel celebrates ‘Memorial of Mary – Mother of the Church’ feastday

“The Church is feminine” and “she is a mother” Pope Francis tells congregation attending Mass at Casa Santa Marta on 21 May.


Pope Francis has lunch with Syrian refugees in Vatican

Syrian children gave Francis a collection of their drawings, and the Pope showered them with toys and other gifts.


Pope chides those who get rich at expense of poor

Christians err when they think there is a ‘theology of prosperity’ in which God “sees that you are just and gives you much wealth”.


Pope to meet little girl who is losing her sight

Lizzy Myers from Ohio, along with her family, are due to meet the Pontiff next week at Casa Santa Marta.


CDF to deliver verdict on Medjugorje after the summer

Prominent Vatican watchers in the Italian media are reporting that a papal commission has found no evidence of supernatural activity at Medjugorje.


Pope cautions against faith based on visionaries

“We are close to coming to a decision," the Pontiff told press on flight back to Rome from Sarajevo regarding the investigation into the alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje.


Holy Spirit, not theology, is the source of faith: Pope

"You can have five degrees in theology, but not have the Spirit of God. Maybe you'll be a great theologian, but you are not a Christian," Pontiff warns.


Pope: ‘a culture of wellbeing’ leads some couples to prefer pets to children

"Fidelity, perseverance and fruitfulness" are pillars in Christian marriage Pope tells couples celebrating wedding anniversaries.


Pope Francis reflects on the meaning of Christian joy

"Be courageous in suffering and remember that the Lord will come after, joy will come after and after the dark comes the sun".


Pope Emeritus joins Pope Francis for lunch

From January, Roman parishes to apply to attend Pope’s daily Mass at Casa Santa Marta.

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