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Pope to meet little girl who is losing her sight

By editor - 02 April, 2016

Pope Francis in Cagliari

A five year old American girl is set to have her dream come true when she gets to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican next week.

Lizzy Myers from Ohio will lose her sight and hearing imminently due to a rare genetic condition called Usher syndrome type II.

Last year, she told her parents, who are both catholic, that she would like to see Pope Francis before she lost her sight.

Hearing of the story, a Turkish Airlines general manager, Tuncay Eminoğlu, offered the little girl and her family a return ticket to any destination of their choice.

Her mother is of Italian heritage and so they opted to visit Rome, enabling the family to arrange a meeting with the Pontiff for little Lizzy.

Lizzy, her parents Steve and Christine, and her sister, Kayla, were planning to meet the Pope at the end of his general audience last Wednesday.

However, after missing a connecting flight in Chicago, the family were not able to arrive in Italy in time.

So they are set to meet the pontiff at Casa Santa Marta in the coming days.

The family will also get a reception at Rome city hall.

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