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Armagh remembers Oliver Plunkett in triduum of prayer

New statue in Armagh Cathedral honours martyrs of the past, present and future.


Art of the family and art for the family at WMOF2018

Religious art suitable for display in the family home features in the WMOF2018 exhibition organised by the Committee for Sacred Art and Architecture of the Irish Bishops’ Conference.


Nenagh schoolgirl wins Papal vestment design competition

Jane Boland's design depicts so much that’s positive and important in our ever changing world – creativity, community, embracing different cultures, nature, and technology, says World Missions Ireland.


Dublin exhibition on the churches and wayside shrines of Crete

“The churches and shrines of Loutro and Anopolis define their landscape, creating a very specific and complex network of buildings which, in turn, is a significant part of how local people define who they are.”


Get designing – you have a month!

Artists have until 20th December to enter vestment design competition.


Art workshop in Knock

Archbishop Michael Neary described the artwork and said: “It is difficult to find a language which would capture the beauty and magnificence of what we behold and yet isn’t it just a shadow of the reality which those 15 people looked upon on that August evening at the gable end a few yards away.”


Tree festival brings Christmas story to the community

175-year-old Church of Ireland parish hosts display of 49 trees, each of which represents a verse from the Bible, telling the Christmas story in a “unique and enchanting way”.


Ecumenical Bible Week begins on Pentecost Sunday

Representatives of Ireland's main Christian churches will explore and study the application of the Word of God to life and culture through 32 events at 15 venues.


St Mel’s to re-open for Christmas

Massive €30m five-year restoration project to be completed on time.


The Spirit guiding the creation of icons

Mark Patrick Hederman OSB looks at how the tradition of creating icons emerged from a long history of Christians trying to work out the propriety of depicting the divine in images.


Monica Brown at IEC2012

Monica Brown, from Sydney, Australia, is director of Emmaus Productions International and is acclaimed Christian composer and workshop/retreat facilitator.


From the Marrow-bone – John F. Deane

"Religious thinking, and religious poetry, move in a world of symbols, shifting from something known to the unknown..."


In Search of the Awesome Mystery: …

Seán Ó Duinn evokes a range of spirituality from the extensive lore of megalithic, Celtic and Christian streams of worship.


Irish Church Architecture in the Era of Vatican II

This excellent book deals with the evolution of church buildings in Ireland by examining the best known churches built between the 1960s and 1990s.


The haunted inkwell: art and our future

Mark Patrick Hederman seeks a possible meeting place between philosophy, literary criticism, art and truth. He stresses the prophetic role of the artist.


Antoni Gaudí

He died a pauper's death but the genius of Gaudi lives on in his wonderfully designed buildings and churches in Spain. No one knows what the final design of the Sagrada Familia was to be.


An introduction to the world of iconography

Sister Aloysius, an accomplished iconographer, explains the very special character of the icon and how interest in this sacred art form is growing in the West.


A meditation on the icon of St. Nicholas

Gregory Collins shows us how to pray with an icon of St. Nicholas. As God filled Nicholas with goodness, compassion and light, he also wishes to shed his light in all human hearts.


Anchoring the altar: Christianity and … art

In this fascinating book, Mark Patrick Hederman OSB argues that, far from being irrelevant in the twenty-first century, Christianity like art needs to and can find new forms that can give vibrancy and vision to the many different cultures in today’s world.


The mystical imagination of Patrick Kavanagh

Una Agnew SSL writes an intellectual and spiritual biography of Patrick Kavanagh, a man who, in spite of his general appearance, was a profoundly mystical poet.


Michelangelo’s spirituality

George Bull uncovers the depths of Michelangelo’s spirituality, his profound passion for beauty and his struggle not to let this draw him away from a Christian vision of the world.


Theology and modern Irish art

Gesa E. Thiessen explores central issues in the dialogue between theology and art, paying special attention to the spiritual aspects of a number of modern Irish painters.


Strangest genius: the stained glass …

This is a beautifully illustrated history and catalogue of the entire stained-glass collection of Harry Clarke (1889-1931). Authors: Lucy Costigan & Michael Cullen


Newman’s University Church: 150 years

Dr Eileen Kane was formerly a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History of Art in University College Dublin. She has published extensively on French, Italian and Irish art both in Ireland and abroad. Her most recent publication is The Church of San Silvestro in Capite in Rome, (Rome 2005), [...]


The Dormition of the Virgin

Sister Wendy Beckett looks at the late 16th century Russian icon – The Dormition of the Virgin.


Eye on art

Sister Wendy Beckett writes about her visit to Rome to see five ancient icons of Our Lady which pre-date the iconoclasm of the 8th century.


The mystical imagination of Patrick Kavanagh

Una Agnew SSL looks at how Kavanagh was able to uncover “the radiances of life”, though many of those who knew him as gruff and uncouth would have found that hard to believe.


A key to a different life

In the tenth of this series Aideen Gough tells us how art can change people’s lives. She tells us how she uses art to help students in their growth.


Give beauty back: art, morality and mission: for Vincent MacNamara

To celebrate his friendship with and the contribution to moral theology of Kiltegan missionary Vincent MacNamara, Enda McDonagh explores the connections between art, morality and mission in the Christian context.


Small world: Haiku on the way

Dermot O’Brien wrote this book of haikus while staying in a monastery in Wexford. The haikus capture ‘moments of awareness’ — moments of grace which act as a pointer to God. Below is a selection of the haikus taken from various chapters of the book.

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