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terminal illness

Canada: ‘Assisted suicide law is leading to decline in respect for life’

Already calls for new law, demanding assisted suicide for non-terminal illnesses.


Bishops urge MLAs to reject NI abortion amendment

Amendment to the Justice Bill that would permit the direct and intentional killing of unborn children with life limiting conditions, up to the moment of birth.


Minister’s call for repeal of 8th Amendment criticised

Families of babies with life-limiting conditions are discovering too late about the existence of perinatal palliative care as an alternative to abortion: PLC


Parents highlight alternative to abortion at Dáil

With the almost exclusive focus on abortion, it is a shame we never get to hear about life-affirming alternatives like perinatal hospice care."


Court’s ruling against assisted suicide welcomed

Campaigners lose UK Supreme Court challenge on right to die.


PLC angered by insensitive wording of CRR case

Center for Reproductive Rights files case against Ireland's abortion laws with UN.


TD’s abortion proposal for fatal foetal diagnosis criticised

PLC critical of focus on abortion rather than peri-natal hospice care facilities.

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