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Online church plate collections introduced as priests denied COVID-19 social welfare payment

“Our Church cannot function effectively without income. Please support in whatever way you can,” said a statement issued by one Dublin parish.


Tax cut proposals unjust says Social Justice Ireland

A study conducted by SJI, shows that while there should be no net reduction in tax in Budget 2018, the impact of some proposals currently being considered would be what it called “profoundly unfair” because they favour only those with higher incomes.


Top eight own same wealth as poorest half of globe

“We need to tackle aggressive tax planning, to implement strong controlled foreign company rules to prevent profit-shifting and improve transparency by forcing multinational corporations to make public where they make profits and pay tax” – Oxfam Ireland.


SVP criticises proposed increase in PSO Levy on electricity bills

Proposed 36% increase in the Public Service Obligation Levy (PSO) will wipe out almost 50% of recent savings for electricity customers.


Reduction of levy on electricity bills too small: SVP

The SVP has seen the amount it pays for energy costs for those who can’t afford to pay increase steadily over the last number of years.


ISIS slay up to 30 Ethiopian Christians

New footage also includes the destruction of a number of churches, altars and works of religious art at unspecified locations.


Religious urged to get involved in tobacco row

Japan Tobacco International planning to take the Government to court over its attempts to introduce plain tobacco containers.


SVP questions affordability of water charges

Carbon tax increase "another tax on the hard-working families of Ireland" warns Senator.

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