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Social Justice Ireland

272,000 fewer full-time jobs in Ireland today

Social Justice Ireland warns of "precarious" employment with an increase in the number of part-time jobs which have left many underemployed.


Austerity has resulted in intense suffering: SJI

Some 123 million EU citizens – one in every four – are at risk of poverty and social exclusion – an increase of 7 million in the six years up to 2013.


Government urged to give lead on climate change

Social Justice Ireland calls on the Coalition to ensure its policies on climate change are coherent.


Public policy isn’t promoting inclusive growth

Social Justice Ireland warns that the number of people with jobs who are in poverty (the ‘working poor’) remains at very high levels.


Poverty in Ireland worse than ever: CSO figures

Nearly one in seven people are in poverty of whom 211,000 are children.


Social Justice Ireland calls for Universal State Pension

In 1994, 5.9% of people age 65 or older were ‘at risk’ of poverty. This currently stands at 9.7% of people in this age group.


Concern over higher poverty levels in rural Ireland

By 2025 the number of people in Ireland aged over 85 years will have doubled: SJI.


16% of Irish adults living in poverty are employed

Numbers living in poverty have increased by 120,000 since beginning of the recession, Social Justice Ireland highlights.


SJI accuses Govt of protecting rich in budgets

Call for large corporations to pay at least 6% of their profits in corporation tax.


Government urged to place people’s rights at the heart of decision making

Put people, not economies first, say Amnesty, SVP and Social Justice Ireland.


Social justice groups meet election candidates

Futures based on the primacy of the market are not likely to be just or fair warns SJI.


A rising tide won’t lift all boats SJI warns

Social Justice Ireland publishes 2014 Socio-Economic Review.


Poverty at record levels in Ireland and the UK

SJI criticises Government as CSO figures show 756,591 people in poverty in Ireland.


EU policies producing poverty and unemployment

New study reveals disturbing levels of poverty and deprivation in seven EU countries.


SJI calls for income tax bands to stay unchanged

Widening the bands will benefit the better off, not those earning low incomes.


Troika’s approach to bailout morally unethical: SJI

Troika’s selective use of data led to inaccurate analysis which led to inappropriate policy decisions.


Social justice groups call for alternative to austerity

SJI and SVP call for a vision for Ireland which incorporates social equality for all citizens.


Govt’s focus is on business interests chides SJI

Social Justice Ireland criticises Government’s Medium-Term Economic Strategy.


The poor suffered most in recession according to SJI

“We need progressive budgets to protect those on very low and middle incomes."


Budget numbers don’t add up Social Justice Ireland claims

No vision, no direction and no solutions in Budget 2014 SJI warns.


Social Justice Ireland unveils plan for universal pension

New Study shows how universal pension can be funded.


Call for Govt to increase level of investment in economy

Social Justice Ireland proposes new €7bn 3-year investment programme to boost recovery.

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