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Bishop Denis Nulty on the deaths of residents at Maryborough Centre, Portlaoise

Every life matters. Every life counts. Every life is precious irrespective of age or potential productivity – Bishop Denis Nulty.


Portlaoise Parish eyes the odds after paying out six lotto jackpots in a row

In the last two months, the weekly parish lotto at Sts Peter and Paul's has paid out a total of €83,000 to winners, plus an additional €6,000 to sellers of winning tickets.


Right to work proposals for asylum seekers too restrictive

Last year the Government was ordered by the highest court in Ireland, to allow asylum seekers into the labour market.


No going back says Bishop as Presentation nuns leave Kildare town

"The Presentation family landscape is changing but the Sisters would be the first to acknowledge the song must not stop with the Sisters; a dance must evolve out of a wake.” - Bishop Denis Nulty


Country’s youngest priest ordained in Kildare and Leighlin

Twenty-five-year-old David Vard from Athgarvan became the first person from Newbridge to be ordained for the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin in over 20 years.


Portlaoise Parish launch for Catholic Schools Week

By virtue of being Catholic our school system is already committed to genuine pluralism and inclusion, respectful of the beliefs of all parents and pupils.


Pioneers promote November pledge among students

Interest among university students in short-term pledge welcomed by Pioneers as country reels over death of four-year-old Ciaran Treacy.


Migrant crisis: Church will not be found wanting

Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin encourages parishes and deaneries to gather together to reflect on their pastoral response to "this huge crisis".


Another vicious attack on a priest

Indian Benedictine priest serving in Port Laoise suffers cuts on neck and fingers and threat of more.


Direct provision is “simply unworthy of us”: Bishop

Children are “uniquely vulnerable to the lifelong consequences of growing up in such an institutionalised environment”.


Senators seeking reform of asylum system

Vicar General of Kildare & Leighlin warns that children at Montague centre are growing up in an institution which is like an open prison.

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