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Bill aims to stop children accessing pornography

Bill comes at a time when pornography is widely available in Ireland and over half of teenage boys in Ireland see pornography before the age of 13.


Family organisation welcomes call for tightening of laws surrounding porn access

Family.ie advises parents to spend time talking to children in pre-teen years before they naturally pull away and to “control what you can control” – in particular getting phones out of bedrooms.


Rome Declaration is a call for action against online child abuse

Insidious acts, such as cyberbullying, harassment and sextortion, are becoming commonplace. The range and scope of child sexual abuse and exploitation online is shocking.


Study reveals ongoing concern over risks of internet for children

Exposure to porn, cyberbullying and accessing unreliable information are key concerns for parents.


Tribute to Cuan Mhuire’s role in breaking tide of addiction

“Today in Cuan Mhuire, there is a message of hope. Addiction need not be the last word. We can do something about it” - Bishop Brendan Leahy.


Kerry women’s group wants porn made inaccessible

Call to Minister Alex White follows US bishops' special statement last week on why the production and use of pornography is a sin.


Primate affirms role and message of Pioneers

Alcohol is a factor in half of the suicides in Ireland and more people die each day from alcohol-related problems than on our roads.


Children advised not to look at explicit material

There is no 'command delete' from the brain. What is seen cannot be unseen and it will harm you, Professor of Cyber psychology tells young people at Ted talk.


Call for filters on public wi-fi systems

Expert says public wi-fi providers have a duty of care to young people.

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