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Saying farewell to CatholicIreland News

“We chronicled green shoots growing up in the Church. Consistently we have looked at the good that we, Christians, the Church, are doing in Ireland and the world,” said CI News editor Susan Gately.


National Evangelisation Teams marks 15 years in Ireland

“It is my prayer that all the lay faithful will realise that we are all called by Baptism and Confirmation to be a part of a new springtime for the faith.”


Parish needs to become school for missionary disciples

Transformed parish training day can help “kickstart” parish renewal for our country in which “pressure is increasing to sideline the Christian church”.


Young Canadian missionary to Ireland is laid to rest

Ted Andrews longed for priesthood but faced challenge of terminal illness “with Jesus and one day at a time”.


Ploughing offers encounters and time for pause

“It is an occasion where hundreds of thousands of people gather. Wherever people gather is the place to be and it is what Pope Francis wants us to do – to get out and be out among the people,” says Bishop Fintan Monahan.


Plea to parishes to invest in youth ministry

"If we don't have youth ministry on a permanent basis in every decent-sized parish in Ireland, we won't have a Church in the future": Director of NET Ministries Ireland.


Five NET youth ministers start work in Cork

Bringing National Evangelisation Teams to Cork is an initiative of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart & the Dominicans and their aim is to regenerate the Church.

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