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Murphy Report

Murphy Report anniversary is a reminder of “dark and pain-filled chapter”

Since the publication of the report in 2009 there has been a decline in the number of child abuse allegations coming to the attention of the Diocesan Child Safeguarding and Protection Service.


Tributes paid to Cardinal Desmond Connell

"I think in the beginning he had no idea of the extent of the problem. But he was the one who said ... we have to know ... I admire his courage ... because it wasn’t an easy thing” – Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.


Notorious former ‘singing priest’ faces further imprisonment

Tony Walsh gets seven and a half years imprisonment for rape of boy three times between 1980 - 1982.


‘Hear the other side’ Archbishop Martin urges

I have an “obligation to the people who work with me and to the truth to clarify these things” church leader explains.


Bishop who suffered immensely recalled at funeral

The society in which Bishop O'Mahony lived “ignored the principle of equity - audi alteram partem - hear the other side": Bishop Eamon Walsh.


Prayerful condolences on death of Bishop O’Mahony

Auxilary bishop was one of those most strongly criticised in the Murphy Report over his handling of allegations of clerical sexual abuse.


Archbishop reflects on contribution of parish councils

"The challenge we face is not just about what the Parish Pastoral Council of 2020 will look like, but what will the Church look like in 2020."


Differences emerge within Church over Murphy review

Archbishop and ACP differ over whether Murphy Report findings were flawed.


ACP AGM to discuss new study on Murphy Report findings

Study carried out by a legal expert.


Bishop Eamonn Walsh to head up new Office for Clergy

Role involves co-ordinating theological, pastoral formation and care of Dublin’s priests, deacons and seminarians.

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