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Hospitals in Syrian city of Aleppo targeted

Catholic bishops of Aleppo appeal to those responsible to stop for the “love of God” and “the cry of blood of children and martyrs”.


Ebola vaccine in Guinea shows promising results

Vaccine so far shows 100% efficacy in individuals, but more conclusive evidence is needed on its capacity to protect populations.


Ebola epidemic exposed global inaction

New report 'Pushed to the Limit and Beyond' highlights the shortcomings of the global response to the Ebola crisis one year on.


Heroism & heartache for Irish doctors fighting Ebola

"We have left our families who we won’t see again until after Christmas. Some of us have made a will for the first time..." writes young Irish doctor.


Irish Sierra Leonians concerned for relatives

The illness is having a huge impact on Sierra Leonian culture - SLIP.

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