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Mater Hospital

Dominican brother returns as medic to Covid-19 frontline in Belfast

And honestly, I just can't wait to be a priest. This is very temporary, the circumstances are extraordinary – Brother Chris.


Psychiatrist withdraws from presentation to Oireachtas Committee on abortion

"It has become increasingly clear that the process of the Committee has been so arranged as to reach a pre-set decision without balanced consideration of any evidence that runs contrary to this pre-determined outcome” - Patricia Casey.


Calls for Government to act on homeless crisis

“When a family with 3 children under the age of 5 are sleeping outside in a park somebody needs to hold their head in shame and resign. A heartbreaking sight.”


Anger as psychologist likens No voters to Nazis

Call for Dr Maureen Gaffney to withdraw remarks effectively likening those who do not want marriage redefined to Nazis and racists.


Fr Kevin Doran appointed to Elphin diocese

Christians are not called to be simply consumers of religion but ‘washers of feet’.


Abortion law goes “against spirit of the Constitution”

Fr Kevin Doran says he resigned from Mater over abortion law.


Fr Kevin Doran resigns from Mater over abortion act

“My issue is ultimately with the Act,” he said of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy.


Archbishop launches new book on Dublin’s Mater Hospital

“Healthcare cannot be selective or preferential – it must reach out to every human being."


Mater Hospital will perform abortions under terms of Act

Hospital confirms it will comply with the law despite its Catholic ethos.


Provision of abortion contravenes Mater’s ethos

Situation facing hospital “very, very grave” directors warn.

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