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hospice care

Canada: ‘Assisted suicide law is leading to decline in respect for life’

Already calls for new law, demanding assisted suicide for non-terminal illnesses.


Bishop of Elphin critical of beliefs around Limbo

“Looking back on it now, such an idea doesn’t take into account the mercy of God who created these children in his own image.”


Ombudsman warns of normalisation of euthanasia

If euthanasia becomes normalised, people who may not appear to have quality of life may feel pressurised to end their lives - Emily O'Reilly.


Primate pays tribute to Padre Pio at Knock pilgrimage

Seven modern 'dolors': abortion, neglect of the earth, displacement of refugees, trafficking, addiction, assisted suicide or euthanasia & indifference.


Catholic delegation meets NI Minister for Justice

“It is simply frightening that this document from the Minister would even consider it an option that a terminally ill child would receive no intervention after it is born."


UK Lord seeks higher quality care for the dying

Former Conservative party leader, Lord Michael Howard, praises nuns' care for his dying father.


CofI Primate slates lack of funding for hospice care

All life is sacred from beginning to end Archbishop Clarke states in presidential address.


Hospice doctor and missionary receive Presidential Award

Two women among 10 recipients of the award including George Mitchell, the US Peace Envoy to Northern Ireland.


Parents seek peri-natal hospice commitment

One Day More represents parents who have received a poor pre-natal diagnosis for their child.

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