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Group meets Redemptorists over plight of Fr Tony Flannery

Some of those involved in his “withdrawal” have been “shown up to be a lot less white than they presented themselves, and some of them have become more oppositional, even ‘heretical’, than I or my censored colleagues in the Irish Church ever were”.


Bishop saddened by “zombie” comments at Kilkenny Mass

Capuchins apologise, saying Fr Tom Forde’s comments were not intended to “cause hurt to anyone”.


Fr Brian D’Arcy willing to back gay adoption

71-year-old Passionist priest says he would have no personal objection to giving his blessing to same-sex marriages but cannot at present because the Church doesn’t allow it.


Killaloe priest rejects allegations about Maynooth

"... even just one case of abuse, be that verbal, physical, sexual or in any form, is one case too many and should be investigated rigorously.”


Primate has “no objection” to married priests

One of the ways the bishops are dealing with the vocations crisis is by “borrowing back" from Churches where Irish priests and sisters served.


Pope Francis baptises 26 babies in Sistine Chapel

In new book, Pontiff states “The Church does not exist to condemn people, but to bring about an encounter with the visceral love of God’s mercy.”


Boxing champion Tyson Fury speaks of his faith

New WBA, IBF and WBO World Heavyweight boxing champion attributes his success to God: “If God is in my corner then no one can beat me.”


‘Synod has provided manifesto for pastoral action’

The synod faced the “delicate task of trying to balance mercy and truth, doctrine and pastoral care, justice and forgiveness” - Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Redefining marriage is a mistake: Bishop Doran

Extending civil marriage to include a relationship between people of the same sex will change the meaning of marriage.


Burke confirms transfer from Apostolic Signatura

ACP's Fr Sean McDonagh accuses Cardinal of “lopsided moral perspective” in his rigid views on sexuality while ignoring climate change.


Some prelates seek to row back on synod document

Cardinal Burke claims relatio does not accurately reflect Synod discussions but “advances positions which many Synod Fathers do not accept.”


Catholic paper declines ad for Mary McAleese talk

Australian catholic newspaper accuses former head of state of having an "agenda" over her views on women's ordination and homosexuality.


Growing tendency to demonise Catholic viewpoint

New panel of Catholic Comment speakers ready to engage with the media.


Bishops release general findings of Vatican survey

Church teaching is not realistic, compassionate or life-enhancing: Irish respondents.


Mary McAleese stirs up debate on Catholicism and gays

Former president draws comparisons between the Church's view of homosexuality and its past attitude towards the Jews.

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