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‘The whole world is at war’ Pope Francis laments

“Here before the door of this Jubilee of Mercy, let us ask that the world discover the ability to weep for its crimes, for what the world does with war.”


Annual Service of Remembrance for war dead

There is not a village, or town, in any county in Ireland that did not suffer losses in World War I - Revd Michael Roemmele in his homily at St Patrick's Cathedral.


Pope recalls horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nuclear bombings in August 1945 are a “symbol of the enormous destructive power of humanity when it makes a distorted use of scientific and technical progress”.


Bells toll on 70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

Mayor of Hiroshima Kazumi Matsui calls for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the creation of security systems that do not rely on military might.


Japan: Bishops call for peace constitution to be retained

"People often wage war in the name of justice for the cause of the defence of their own country. Wars are repeated while each disputing country insists that it is a just war for self-defence. As a result, numerous precious lives are lost," say Japanese bishops, appealing for ten days of prayer for peace.

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