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Fr Martin Magill

Christians unite in ‘virtual’ tribute to frontline workers

Singers and musicians from across the various Churches in Ireland will collaborate in a performance of the hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision’ and this will be released on Pentecost Sunday.


Call for new beginning in Northern Ireland at Lyra McKee’s funeral

Fr Magill, PP, St John’s Parish, Falls Road, Belfast, prayed that “Lyra’s murder may be the catalyst needed for parties to start talking, to reform that which was corrosive in previous Assemblies and to begin anew.”


4 Corner Festival looks towards a “forgiving Belfast”

It is beginning the process of “putting people together” to find a common identity.


Belfast Agreement in focus at Focolare weekend

BBC journalist, Brian Rowan will address annual all-Ireland weekend in Belfast.


Methodist Minister proposes day to remember victims of Troubles in Northern Ireland

“Together across our community we might come together, each of us and all of us, from all sectors including the churches and acknowledge our part in the hurt, the grief and the pain of the past 48 plus years.”


4 Corners Festival for an open Belfast

“We gave a subtitle to the 4 Corners Festival - ‘Bringing Belfast Together’. We want people to see that everybody is welcome in every part of the city.”

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