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Fr Brian D’Arcy

“After 50 years of priesthood – I would do it all again”: Fr Brian D’Arcy

"I made the decision to be a priest and to stay a priest. I can look back on life and say that anything I have done, I have done for the right reasons – the decision may be right or wrong, but I did the best I could to make a right decision.”


“I’ve lost Brendan and I’ve lost Bottler”

At the funeral Mass of comedian Brendan Grace, Fr Brian D'Arcy told mourners, "His vocation in life was quite simply nothing more and nothing less than to lift the gloom of the nation.”


Amazon Synod to discuss the possibility of ordaining married men

“While affirming that celibacy is a gift for the Church, it is asked that for the most remote areas of the region, the possibility of priestly ordination of elders ... even those who already have stable and consolidated families, be studied in order to ensure the sacraments to accompany and sustain Christian life.”


Fr Brian D’Arcy awarded an OBE

“Thank God I had the opportunity to do something to help community relations in Northern Ireland.”


“We have to listen to the Spirit guiding us in a different way.”

Fr Brian D’Arcy has called for the Church to allow married men and women to be ordained as priests.


Bishop and priest clash over whether Catholic Yes vote is a sin

According to RTE’s referendum exit poll, almost 9 out of 10 No voters were Catholics while 7 out of 10 Yes voters were also Catholics.


Big Tom brought great joy to many in Ireland and worldwide

Clogher diocese among the many tributes to country music star as a singer and as a family man.


Priest turned PR guru Tom Savage laid to rest in Cooley

“I am standing on the altar where my dad celebrated his first Mass. There are not many sons who can say that,” says Anton Savage.


Maynooth crisis raises questions about model of seminary formation

“I think the days of a big big seminary are over. I think if anything good comes from this it is an examination of a better way” - Fr Brendan Purcell.


Rathdowney set for Festival of Faith

John McAreavey and Joanne O’Riordan to share their stories and talk about how faith has played a part in their lives and helped them overcome adversity.


Fr Brian D’Arcy urges CDF to end ‘medieval’ practices

Bishops, priests and nuns urge Pope Francis to change unfair methods, such as anonymous denunciations, for investigating unorthodox views.


Fr Brian D’Arcy publishes his Sunday sermons

"This is the book I didn’t want to write. It is the book the publishers encouraged me to compile for more than 10 years and which I steadfastly resisted.”


Vatican really upset my health: Fr Brian Darcy

Inability to cope with the stress of church censure "gave me cancer”.


Pope pays tribute to Albert Reynolds’ peace efforts

Pontiff recalls "with gratitude" late Taoiseach’s efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in Ireland.


Fr Brian D’Arcy links his cancer to CDF censure

“I'm not saying it caused it but it certainly didn't do me any good."


CDF censure destroyed me as a priest: Fr Brian D’Arcy

Vatican Congregation never communicated with him directly.

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