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European Court of Human Rights

UK campaigners relieved abortion zone motion unlikely to become law

Censorship zones would effectively ban volunteers from offering practical and emotional support to women entering abortion clinics across England and Wales. They would also ban individuals from peacefully praying in the vicinity of clinics – RIght to Life UK.


UK’s highest court to hear appeal by Christian bakery

A lower court last year ruled that the refusal of family-run Ashers to make a cake iced with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ in 2014 was discriminatory.


Religious leaders concerned by ECJ ruling on religious symbols

“In a multicultural global society we are bound to have differences of appearance and dress and rather than creating a homogeneous look, it would be more beneficial if we created laws to co-exist.”


ECHR’s Grand Chamber reverses Italian surrogacy ruling

“The fact that neither one of the couple has a biological relationship with the child was decisive. It was on this ground that the court has now decided they are not a family under the Convention.”


No right to gay marriage under European Convention

European Convention on Human Rights does not include the right to marriage for homosexual couples, neither under Article 8 nor Article 12, the right to marry and to found a family.


Italian surrogacy case goes to ECHR Grand Chamber

Decision will have strong implications for surrogacy law in Europe according to European Centre for Law and Justice.


ECHR reaffirms autonomy of religious organisations

Any divergence between ideas to be taught and personal beliefs of a teacher could raise a problem of credibility when that teacher actively challenged those ideas - ECHR.


Irish state is liable says ECHR

A win for the children of Ireland, says Louise O'Keeffe

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