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Dr Seán Healy

Rising tide only helps those with strong boats: Social Justice Ireland

Report shows Ireland is among bottom four countries of 15 European nations on sustainable progress index.


Children still living in poverty in Ireland

Children are living in households which are going 24 hours without a substantial meal, or being cold because parents are unable to afford to heat the home.


President attends Social Justice Ireland conference

“There has been a period when the state has retreated, or been ideologically pushed to retreat, or redefine its role, the citizen’s social opportunity to fully participate or flourish, as many social philosophers would put it, has been diminished.” President Higgins


Investment not tax cuts for better future for all

Most people want to see reductions in healthcare waiting lists, increases in social housing provision and reliable high-speed broadband across rural Ireland. To achieve this means there should be no net tax cuts in Budget 2018 – Social Justice Ireland.


Government must work in interest of all – Social Justice Ireland

“A real republic will stand for social justice and for equality. Social Justice Ireland calls on leadership from all sectors of Irish society to become part of a debate on a new social contract for a new century,” said Dr Seán Healy.


16% of Irish adults living in poverty are employed

Numbers living in poverty have increased by 120,000 since beginning of the recession, Social Justice Ireland highlights.


SJI calls for income tax bands to stay unchanged

Widening the bands will benefit the better off, not those earning low incomes.


Govt’s focus is on business interests chides SJI

Social Justice Ireland criticises Government’s Medium-Term Economic Strategy.

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