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Persecution of Christians in Middle East and North Africa is close to genocide, says UK report

“Widespread evidence shows that today, Christians constitute the most widely persecuted religion.”


Big plans in Mexico for record-breaking effigy of Our Lord

The 77m statue, entitled Cristo de la Paz (Christ of Peace) will show Our Lord with his arms outstretched


Jesuit working with gangland ‘Homies’ honoured

Fr Greg Boyle, who is credited with having reduced gangland deaths in Los Angeles, joins President John F. Kennedy, Dorothy Day and Martin Sheen, as a recipient of Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal.


Pope pledges to study the lot of the middle classes

Hammer and sickle crucifix "was not offensive to me" Pope states as he pays tribute to Fr Luís Espinal's protest art.


Pope pops into Burger King to vest for Mass

Restaurant put a post on Facebook welcoming Pope Francis and thanking him "for choosing the BK restaurant as your sacristy".


Pray for a miracle at October Synod: Pope Francis

Pontiff prays that Church might find new and effective solutions to the problems of the contemporary family.

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