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assisted human reproduction

Surrogacy is buying and selling children and must be outlawed

In the run-up to the publication of the government’s plans for regulating surrogacy in Ireland, Stop Surrogacy Now says “No one has a right to a baby.”


Senior lawyers call for No vote in referendum

Conscience rights of teachers will be severely compromised if referendum passes.


New study on implications of changing Article 41

Preference for motherhood and fatherhood likely to become unconstitutional under new Article if referendum passed.


Same sex marriages will have ‘right to procreate’

Woman who was the product of 'donor conception' says it is wrong and "should be outlawed by any country which respects human rights".


Children & Family relationships bill a step too far

"What we are looking at is a deconstruction of the fundamental link between a child and its genetic or biological parents" - Professor Ray Kinsella.


Poll finding on adoption challenges Govt’s bill

Overwhelming choice for Irish people when a child is being placed for adoption is for child to be placed with a man and a woman.


Children & Family Relationships bill before Cabinet

Legislators urged to press for amendments to bill over concerns about its impact on family life.


Integrity of marriage under attack: Cardinal Burke

Growing confusion and error about marriage "will weaken seriously if not totally compromise the Church’s witness” US prelate warns.


New organisation to fight ‘anti-child legislation’

'Mothers and Fathers Matter' group says legislation 'normalises' situation where a child is deprived of a right to a biological mother and father.


Bishops release general findings of Vatican survey

Church teaching is not realistic, compassionate or life-enhancing: Irish respondents.

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