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Columbans choose Co. Mayo priest as their new leader

Ordained in 1995, Fr Tim Mulroy is a former school teacher from Swinford, and has served in Japan and the US.


New documentary on Pope Francis opens in cinemas today

Over two years, Wim Wenders interviewed the Pontiff for the documentary and he was given editorial independence by the Vatican.


Bishops and Franciscans speak out after latest shooting in US

“There is no question that members of Congress offer their condolences but do little else because they are in the pocket of the National Rifle Association. But their thoughts and prayers are useless without good works,” the Franciscans said in a statement.


Curate in a kayak as Hurricane Harvey hits Houston

This is how America was evangelised – by canoe!


Ale to the Chief! Texan PP is the toast of US brewers

It’s hard to put into words what winning the Ninkasi means to us.


Irish born bishop represents Vatican at global tech conference

“God loves you and cares for you whether you pitch well or not” – Bishop Paul Tighe.

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