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Peter Sutherland

Peter Sutherland was “a great European and a great world statesman”

Baron Patten of Barnes paid tribute to the former Attorney-General of Ireland and patron of the Jesuit publication 'Studies' in his address on the 'Future of Liberal Democracy'.


The Pope’s financial advisor, Peter Sutherland, dies aged 71

“He was a man of deep faith and a devoted Catholic but also one who was critical when necessary” - Archbishop Diarmuid Martin


European response to refugee crisis is ‘appalling’

This time last year the EU said they would resettle 160,000 Syrians and to date have only resettled 4,000. "It all comes down to a lack of political will to tackle the issue," says Trócaire.


Sutherland critical of Europe’s refusal to help refugees

Border controls masquerading as migration policy are “a pathetic response to a moral challenge”.


Annual Trócaire lecture to focus on migration

President of the International Catholic Migration Commission, Peter Sutherland, will be the keynote speaker.


More migrants crossing Mediterranean Sea: IOM

Some European politicians have said ‘if we save lives we act as an attraction for more people to try to come’ - that is outrageous immorality: Peter Sutherland.

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