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Peter Sutherland was “a great European and a great world statesman”

Baron Patten of Barnes paid tribute to the former Attorney-General of Ireland and patron of the Jesuit publication 'Studies' in his address on the 'Future of Liberal Democracy'.


Bishop Rowan Williams to speak in Dublin this month

Former Archbishop of Canterbury to consider whether global politics is exhibiting a deep confusion about the nature of democracy.


Sadness as “maestro” Gerard Gillen bows out after 42 years

Archbishop Martin pays tribute to Maynooth professor’s life of dedicated “service to the Church and to the beauty and dignity of music in the liturgy”.


Director of Pope Benedict XVI Centre appointed to Catholic position at Oxford University

During this period, Professor Bullivant will advance a number of research projects, including a statistical survey of the British ‘nonreligious’ population.


Oxford theologian pays tribute to Fr Gabriel Daly

“Traditionalists have every right to hold reactionary opinions; they have no right to impose them on others in the name of a false conception of orthodoxy.”


Death of Jesuit theologian Fr Michael Paul Gallagher

"Heaven is a place where we experience God's love in a new way and we enter into communion with that God” - Archbishop Martin.

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