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Overseas aid

Trócaire launches ‘Build, Back, Better’ campaign to ensure governments keep development aid promises

The World Food Programme says that COVID fall-out threatens famines of ‘biblical proportions’, with an additional 265 million people possibly facing starvation by the end of 2020.


Hold on to your Trócaire Lenten Boxes until crisis is over

“Until it is safe, until further instructions, please hold onto your Lent Box. Keeping it safe will help keep you safe too,” says Trócaire’s Caoimhe de Barra.


Trócaire support is sew good for Kenyan mother

“I have learned to be independent, and I know that by working hard I can make life much better for me and my children.”


Irish missionaries help more than a million people globally

Thousands of life-changing projects have been implemented with one common thread: Misean Cara members working in solidarity with a community to address a real and immediate need.


Tree cheers for Trócaire, Rwanda and you

A very impressive tree nursery, set up by villagers with the help of Caritas and Trócaire, is responsible for thousands of environmentally important and economically beneficial trees in southern Rwanda.


Concern at decision not to keep overseas aid target

Ireland “abandoning world’s poorest by abandoning this commitment” - Trócaire director.


Irish people still committed to overseas aid

New video shows the majority of people want the Government to deliver on its aid promises.

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