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Mothers and Fathers Matter

Same sex marriages will have ‘right to procreate’

Woman who was the product of 'donor conception' says it is wrong and "should be outlawed by any country which respects human rights".


Presbyterian Church backs traditional marriage

"We uphold the historic and Christian view of marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman."


Mothers & Fathers Matter call for No vote

Government could have followed the Portuguese lead by excluding same sex adoption - Keith Mills of Mothers and Fathers Matter.


Children & Family relationships bill a step too far

"What we are looking at is a deconstruction of the fundamental link between a child and its genetic or biological parents" - Professor Ray Kinsella.


Call for ‘major reform’ of Children & Family Bill

Bill undermines rights of children, despite "government and opposition protestations that the entire Bill is in the ‘best interests’ of children.”


Children & Family Relationships bill before Cabinet

Legislators urged to press for amendments to bill over concerns about its impact on family life.


Concern over Children & Family Relationships Bill

Bill needs to be revised to better take into account the best interests of children warns new group, Mothers and Fathers Matter.


New organisation to fight ‘anti-child legislation’

'Mothers and Fathers Matter' group says legislation 'normalises' situation where a child is deprived of a right to a biological mother and father.

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