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Asia Bibi “held hand of Christ” in prison

During my detention, I held the hand of Christ. It is thanks to him that I have stayed standing, says Asia Bibi.


Racism is never respectable, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin tells Muslim gathering

“History shows that when racism and religious intolerance are not addressed they contain within themselves a frightening power for fostering hatred and social destruction.”


Howzat! Vatican XI on cricket tour of England

St Peter’s CC operates under the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture because of its role in promoting interfaith dialogue.


More interfaith engagement needed says Archbishop Jackson

"It is wrong to consider all Muslims as terrorists. It is wrong to turn our face away from all Muslims simply because we are content to fall into the first trap of Inter Faith encounter: comparing the best of ourselves with the worst of The Other,” said Archbishop Jackson.


Lord Mayor of Cork to launch new interfaith calendar

“Our aim is to increase people’s acceptance that there are different faiths present in Ireland today and help them understand that we can all live with and get on with each other.”


Syrian religious leaders visit Ireland to appeal for help to end war

Two Syrian surgeons will explain how Irish and EU sanctions have caused Syria’s hospitals to degenerate to a pitiable state where scores of women and children die every day due to the lack of commonplace medicines.


JRS Syria wins Pax Christi 2014 peace prize

Jesuit Refugee Service provides support to over 300,000 Syrians.


Stepping Stones to Other Religions – Dermot Lane

Dermot A. Lane presents a hopeful book that could enable serious dialogue to develop between religions and so contribute to peaceful co-existence in the world of tomorrow.


Healing the past: Catholic Anti-Semitism: roots and redemption

This book by Ena Gray gives a factual account of the origins and development of anti-Semitism. Its purpose is to facilitate the confession and repentance of sins against the Jewish people and in this it is highly successful.


Any common ground between Christians and Islam?

Martin McGee OSB reviews a recent work by Archbishop Henri Teissier of Algiers. Archbishop Teissier sees the possibility of mutual respect and peace between Christian and Moslem communities when the people on each side are committed to ordinary human friendship and to dialogue.


Putting aside what divides: Inter-religious dialogue

Luca Attanasio writes that too often people point out the past times when religions have failed to unite and even scandalised us all by their disunity and disharmony. However, since 1986 Pope John Paul II began his Prayer for Peace initiative at Assissi much has happened.


Last testament of a murdered monk

Fr Christian de Chergé, Superior of his monastery and one of the seven French Trappists killed by Algerian terrorists in 1996, wrote a last testament to be opened in the event of his death. This is it.

If it should happen one day – and it [...]

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