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economic crisis

Archbishop laments loss of respect for life

At a Mass to celebrate the visit of the relics of St Anthony, Archbishop Martin criticised “unscrupulous people” who feel that “their financial supremacy can authorise them to take life through violence and exploitation”.


No short-term solution to housing crisis: Respond!

There is a 36-month lead-in from a greenfield site to delivering a housing development. So we won't see houses coming though until 2019 or 2020.


Pope recalls horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Nuclear bombings in August 1945 are a “symbol of the enormous destructive power of humanity when it makes a distorted use of scientific and technical progress”.


Child poverty increases in rich countries: UNICEF

"UNICEF report reveals shocking and frankly shameful data for Ireland": Fergus Finlay, CEO of Barnardos.


NI is still not a society at peace with itself: Bishop

Ceasefires and decommissioning in people's hearts needed Bishop Donal McKeown warns.


EU policies producing poverty and unemployment

New study reveals disturbing levels of poverty and deprivation in seven EU countries.


Cardinal Brady thanks Germans for economic solidarity

St Oliver Plunkett honoured in Diocese of Hildesheim.


Irish emigrants struggle to adjust to life abroad priest warns

Archbishop concerned over emigration impact on rural dioceses.

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