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Down’s Syndrome

NI Assembly passes motion rejecting abortion regulations

“Westminster cannot justifiably continue to try and impose abortion on Northern Ireland. It is clear from the 46:40 vote that this devolved issue should be decided by Northern Ireland’s elected representatives and not the UK parliament” - PLC.


Publication of new legal framework for NI’s abortion services

“Many will be struck by the contradiction, that at a time we are all taking such drastic measures to preserve life, legislation is introduced to take it” - Presbyterian Moderator.


Video – Conor’s Story


Source: Love Both.ie


Abortion is a disability rights issue, Bishop Doran tells Athlone conference

If the inclusion of people with disability is a characteristic of a civilised society, why would we accept discrimination against unborn people with disability?


PLC hits back at criticism of Ireland’s abortion law

Over a ten year period from 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions in Canada were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone.


High Court decision “profoundly disquieting”: bishops

“It’s time for antiquated and discriminatory attitudes towards unborn babies with disabilities to end.”


Council to vote on call for repeal of 8th amendment

Life Institute appeals to people to contact their local councillors and lobby them against repeal of constitutional amendment that protects right to life.


Rally for Life will urge supporters: ‘Abandon Amnesty’

“People are appalled at Amnesty’s stance, especially those who previously supported the organisation” - Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Rally for Life Committee.


President Higgins pays tribute to family carers

The achievement of Ireland's 187,000 family carers "are born of a spirit of giving to others."


Man charged with abuse of Thai surrogate twins

Debate over commercial surrogacy reignites following latest revelations concerning another Australian couple.


Couple reject surrogate baby with Down’s Syndrome

Campaign launched to raise funds for Baby Gammy who was left in Thailand by Australian couple.


Carer of the year finds happiness in love

83-year-old widower marries carer who helped him look after two disabled sons.

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