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Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community

COMECE reaffirms primacy of human person in response to robotisation

While robots in the workplace bring opportunities and advantages, the research team warns that the most vulnerable groups in society, particularly young people and the less well educated, will be adversely affected.


COMECE hails Pope’s ecumenical visit to Lesbos

Pope Francis says visit aims to “express closeness & solidarity" to the displaced & the citizens of Lesbos & the people of Greece "who are so generous in their welcome”.


Euthanasia is not palliative care: COMECE

“Intentionally bringing on the death of a patient, even if he asks for it, does not constitute caring for him.”


VE Day reminds us of our responsibilities: COMECE

“The fact that we owe our freedom to others means that this commemoration brings us face to face with our own responsibilities. Freedom and responsibility are inseparable.”

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