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Charlie Flanagan

Neutrality is not an option in the conflict between right and wrong, diplomats are told

“The cynical disregard of truth, the deliberate manipulation of information, has become endemic at the highest levels and has proved corrosive and destructive of our society,” said Canon David Oxley.


Archbishop calls for consultation with the people of Achill

"It is important that effective advance planning be undertaken by the State including a full and transparent consultation with local people" on plans to house refugees at the Achill Head Hotel, Archbishop Michael Neary said.


Threat of famine looms in Somalia

Ireland’s emergency supplies, sent last week and now being distributed, will help to meet the immediate needs of up to 4,000 displaced families


Archbishop calls for judicial inquiry into Tuam home

Former CEO of NBSCCCI, Ian Elliott, suggested as possible candidate to head up commission.


Archbishop of Tuam is shocked at numbers of children buried in Tuam grave

Welcomes government enquiry, promises co-operation and "to seek to obtain a dignified re-interment of the remains of the children in consecrated ground in Tuam.”

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