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Budget 2016

Parents bear the brunt, finds Barnardos school costs survey

“Education unlocks potential but the State is denying many children the key because it is failing to see its fundamental role in ensuring the education system is adequately funded to ensure all children have what they need to learn the curriculum.”


Some of Budget’s childcare provisions welcomed

Pockets of positive investment in Budget a sign the Government is repairing some of the damage austerity has had on children: Barnardos.


Charities warn that Budget2016 fails the homeless

"There is nothing to slow down the shocking number of families becoming homeless."


Charities urge Govt to restore social services funding

Up to 42% of charities experienced a fall in their income over the past year while 72% reported that demand for their services increased over the same period.


Parents taking the strain on school costs: Barnardos

In 2015, from the youngest to the oldest student the cost of going to school is €365 - €785 respectively.


Tax cuts will hurt the old, sick & vulnerable: SJI

“This is not the time for tax cuts. All available resources should be used to address Ireland’s major deficits in areas such as caring, housing and poverty."


Chronic lack of social housing & accommodation: SVP

The SVP has called on the Government to deliver its targets in 'Social Housing 2020' and expressed concern that the 2015 targets for new social housing won't be realised.


Irish charities forced to cut services despite recovery

Survey shows 33% of charities had to cut back or suspend services in the past year due to a lack of funding, while over 42% reported a drop in income.

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