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The welcoming parish – Donal Harrington

What is our parish for? The key issues - vision, leadership structures, getting people involved, planning for the future, adult faith, young people - are all addressed by Donal Harrington.


The Coldest Night: a family’s experience …

Through writing this very personal book on her son's suicide, Carol Anne emerges eventually, a different but stronger person, with a deep desire to help young people.


Out of the Shadow: Responding to suicide

In Father Aidan Troy's book there is a wide range of useful advice as well as information to help those touched by a suicide find ways of dealing with the emotional aftermath.


When times are tough: a collection of …

Marie Murray's book approaches the tough economic times with understanding, humour, clinical compassion, common-sense and a wealth of imaginative ideas.


Father John Kenyon: the rebel priest

This is the first in-depth study of the career of Father John Kenyon, a controversial and outspoken Catholic priest in nineteenth century Ireland. Written by Tim Boland.


Sending out roots: Helping parents and teachers …

Carole M. Eipers's book is designed to help parents and teachers to be aware of how they can best share their faith with their children.


God’s Passion: Praying with Mark

This book is one of the series Praying with the Gospels that follows the lectionary cycle.The author Terry Hinks is a minister in the United Reform Church serving in Hampshire.


Navigating the Gospels: Matthew

Philip Fogarty SJ is a former Headmaster of Clongowes Wood College and of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway. This is his third book in the series Navigating the Gospels.


Catholic Voices: Putting the case for the church …

A contemporary apologetics, covering questions such as: the Church and politics, equality and religious freedom, defending the unborn. Editors: C. Jamison, A. Ivereigh and K. Griffin.


Timire an Chroí Ró-Naofa: Comóradh 100 bliain (1911-2011)

Timire an Chroí Ró-naofa: Foilseachán Íosánach

Fómhar 2011 – r-phost: [email protected]

Comóradh 100 bliain an Timire 1911-2011


Teachtaireacht ón Phápa Teachtaireacht ón Uachtarán Saibhreas i measc na mBocht – Aidan Donaldson Misean Íosa sa Chambóid – Boy Peter Kann Leigheas don Spiorad – An tUrramach Caroline McAfee Caoga Bliain Viatores Christi – [...]


Ignatian Spirituality – Fr Brian O’Leary SJ

This attractive and illustrated booklet is a useful and clear introduction to the insights of both the contemplative and apostolic dimensions of Ignatian spirituality.


A Spirituality of Survival: Enabling a response to …

How can people who suffer abuse be enabled to survive - from the French sur vivre - to live on top of, over and above their stories of trauma and begin to flourish? - asks Barbara Glasson.


Simple Faith: Friends – Clare Catford

This a practical and very honest book about how to be a friend, how to keep the friends you have and how to nurture friendships that may be difficult and challenging.


Unmasking God: Revealing God in the ordinary

This is a book of reflections where Daniel O'Leary puts us in touch with the beauty of relationship with God through the events and experiences of everyday life.


Reparation and Repentance: …

A resource to organise prayer services of reparation and repentance to atone for the crimes of clerical sex abuse. This booklet was put together by Father Kevin Scallon CM.


Theosony: towards a theology of listening

"Faith comes from hearing," says St Paul in Rom 10:17, but Nóirín Ní Riain believes that this oral experience by which we come to Christian faith has been neglected in Western theology.


Faith – Margaret Silf

This book sets out in a simple but profound way what faith is in our contemporary world. It sees it as a journey of trust.


Many are called: rediscovering the glory …

The call to serve God as a priest is both a challenge and a blessing. This book by Scott Hahn discusses the many roles of the priest: provider, mediator, protector, teacher and more.


Words from the heart: Selected from …

Through his intimate experience of Jesus crucified, Paul of the Cross showed his age and ages to come how to interpret reality through and in the light of Christ's Passion.


Liturgical Resources for the Year of Mark: …

Fr Thomas O'Loughlin's book is most useful for those preparing for Sunday liturgies throughout the year of Mark.


Our Family Mass: Resources for the Family …

Bernadette Sweetman publishes a comprehensive collection of ready-to-go Liturgies of the Word for every Sunday of Cycle B, as well as the major feast days.


No Second Chance: Reflections of a Dublin…

'This book is an honest analysis of my experience of church over forty years of priesthood, but it is not an autobiography in the strict sense'. By Martin Tierney


Catherine of Siena: a passionate life

If you know next to nothing about Catherine of Siena, this most recent biography by Don Brophy of a truly exceptional woman is a good place to start.


Journeying the Year of Matthew: Reflections …

John Littleton's book provides readers with an overview of the Gospel of Matthew, (Sundays, Year A) It would be useful for priests preparing a homily for the Sunday Mass.


Eucharistic Ministers – Brian Glennon

41 short and beautiful reflections by Brian Glennon for Eucharistic Ministers aims at deepening their commitment to their ministry


Irish Church Architecture in the Era of Vatican II

This excellent book deals with the evolution of church buildings in Ireland by examining the best known churches built between the 1960s and 1990s.


Dancing with dinosaurs: a 21st century spirituality

This book by Mark Patrick Hederman is a kind of extended metaphor or metaphysical conceit for our relationship with God.


Pluralism & Diversity in early 21st century Ireland …

This book by Mícheál Mac Gréil SJ documents the positive change in attitudes towards Northern Ireland and Britain following the peace process.


A New Vision for the Catholic Church: A View from Ireland

116 pp. The Columba Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.columba.ie

THE BOOKIn the wake of the succession of scandals and institutional failures of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Fr Gerry O’Hanlon SJ held a series of [...]


Missionary Memoirs

294 pp. The Columba Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.columba.ie

THE BOOKThe author gives an account of his visits to missionary countries on all the continents over a period of half a century. He offers [...]

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