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An Informed Laity: A Reformed Irish Church

Seán MacGabhann assures lay people that they can really experience God, not just have an intellectual knowledge.


Parish Pastoral Councils: A formation manual

This 'how-to-do-it' workbook by Debra Snoddy, Jim Campbell and Andrew McNally lays out the necessary steps for forming, enabling and sustaining a parish pastoral council.


Joining the Dots: a programme of spiritual …

"Joining the Dots is an invitation to people to explore their spirituality and connect it to their lives, including work lives" explains the author Amalee Meehan.


Celtic prayers & reflections – Jenny Child

In this book, Jenny Child offers an insightful collection of prayers, inspired by her visits to the holy isle of Lindisfarne.


Share the Good News – Catechesis Directory

Share the Good News - the first National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland - was launched at the Mater Dei Institute of Education in Dublin.


Come follow me: Recalling the dangerous memory …

Aidan Donaldson's book on the cost of Christian discipleship is based on Jesus's preaching that it is the poor, the outsider, the despised and the rejected that are special to God.


Inter-Church Relations: Developments …

This book celebrates the commitment that Bishop Anthony Farquhar has brought to inter-Church relations over the twenty-five years of his episcopate.


50 Years receiving Vatican II: a personal odyssey

This is a collection of the occasional writings of Liverpool priest Father Kevin Kelly who has been discerning and clarifying the call of God's Spirit in people's lives over the last fifty years.


Bioethics and the Catholic moral tradition

Pádraig Corkery's book gives an ethical evaluation of some of the more controversial developments in medical practice over the past few decades.


From the Marrow-bone – John F. Deane

"Religious thinking, and religious poetry, move in a world of symbols, shifting from something known to the unknown..."


Columbanus in his own words – Tomás Ó Fiaich

Columbanus was Ireland's first European. Shrines, towns and landmarks across Europe bear Columbanus's name and testify to the widespread diffusion of devotion to the saint.


The minding of Planet Earth – Cardinal Daly

Cardinal Cathal B. Daly examines the relationship between religion, science and ecology asserting that religion and science are complementary, not contradictory.


The Challenge of Christian Discipleship

Fr William Cosgrave publishes a collection of essays in moral and pastoral theology written over the last twenty years in church magazines in Ireland.


He’s Risen: Reflections on the Risen Christ …

In this book Phelim McGowan SJ encourages us to reflect on parts of the mystery of Jesus' life up to the coming of the Holy Spirit.


Is it about a bicycle? Thoughts for the day

Oliver Crilly’ book of short reflections resonates with the Old and New Testament Scriptures and the early Irish tradition, both written and visual.


John Paul II: The path to sainthood

Fr Michael Collins gives an account of the life of Pope John Paul II, his youth and early years in Krakow, how he arranged his daily and apostolic life as Pope.


Walking with the Saints – Jenny Child

'Walking with the Saints' is a collection of inspiring stories and thoughtful prayers based on the lives of the saints for every day of the year.


Will There Be Faith? Depends on Every Christian

The challenge implied in the title is a serious one. T. H. Groome is hopeful that the theme - 'bring life to faith and faith to life' - will give new energy to the task of developing faith.


Having Life in His Name: Living, Thinking …

This book, a festschrift in honour of recently retired Professors Tom Norris and Michael Mullins at St Patrick's College, Maynooth. Edited by B. Leahy and S. O'Connell.


The Word is Flesh and Blood: The Eucharist …

This book follows the movement of the Mass - assembly, word, Eucharist and mission - exploring the biblical sources of the Eucharist. Editors: V. Boland OP and T. McCarthy OP


Apostolic Visitation in Ireland Report

The Visitation to the Dioceses was carried out in the four Metropolitoan Sees during the first few months of 2011. The final report on these findings Summary of the Findings of the Apostolic Visitation in Ireland was released recently.


In Search of the Awesome Mystery: …

Seán Ó Duinn evokes a range of spirituality from the extensive lore of megalithic, Celtic and Christian streams of worship.


Prayer – Michael Mayne

This is a beautiful booklet of refreshing reflections on our life with the God we seek but who is there for us even before we seek him.


Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Fr Robert Barron has written this book as the script for a ten-part documentary 'Catholicism'. It is part of the New Evangelization to promote the Christian gospel in the third millenium.


Stepping Stones to Other Religions – Dermot Lane

Dermot A. Lane presents a hopeful book that could enable serious dialogue to develop between religions and so contribute to peaceful co-existence in the world of tomorrow.


Visits to the Blessed Sacrament for the 21st …

This booklet by Fr. Richard Tobin contains twenty-eight beautiful meditations and prayers for a short visit to the Blessed Sacrament.


In the Secret of My Heart: Moments of stillness …

Through the lens of scripture the author, Anna Burke RSM, shows Jesus as the way to experience God and as the source of the meaning of life.


Last Thing at Night: Prayers and readings…

Rema Devereaux's book reminds us that night time is an opportunity to take stock of the day: to celebrate the best, to learn from the worst, to surrender everything to God before going to bed.


Soul at work: spiritual leadership in organizations

Each of the organizations that Margaret Benefiel profiles in this lively and informative book shows the profound role that spirituality, defined as "the human spirit, fully engaged" can play in leadership and organizational life.


The recession and God: reading the signs of the times

This book by Gerry O’Hanlon SJ gives a view of the recession from the point of view of Catholic Social Teaching and argues for the need for a new, more socially responsible, economic paradigm.

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