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Glendalough: a celtic pilgrimage

Michael Rodgers and Marcus Losack provide a detailed guide to the ancient pilgrimage site of Glendalough, revealing its rich traditions, legends and stories.


An illustrated catechism (2007)

This illustrated teaching resource presents the basic elements of the Catholic faith in four sections: The Creed, The Sacraments, The Commandments and Prayer.


Compendium of the Catechism (2005)

This Compendium is a synthesis of The Catechism of the Catholic Church and contains, in concise form, all the essential and fundamental elements of the Church's faith.


Social Doctrine Compendium (2005)

The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace presents a concise overview of Catholic social teaching drawing on papal document, decrees of Vatican II and the Catechism.


Conflict, controversy and co-operation

Norman W. Taggart, a Methodist minister who was deeply involved in the Irish Council of Churches during the early years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, follows the story of that body as it broke new ground in ecumenical relations with the Catholic Church.


Listen here God: a spirituality of being yourself with God

In this warm and touching book, Hilary Musgrave RSC recounts childhood memories of colourful family characters, the rigours of Irish Catholicism, first kisses, true love, hurt, forgiveness, death, and wonderings about God. All these memories contribute to her reflections on the journey of being oneself with God.


Religion and politics in Ireland at the turn of the millennium

James Mackey and Enda McDonagh edit this collection of essays to commemorate the 75th birthday of Garret Fitzgerald. The essays are on contemporary issues relating to church and state in Ireland, and the authors include Geraldine Smyth, Patrick Hannon and Dermot Lane.


The missing God who is not missed

Philip Fogarty SJ responds to the disappearance of the sense of God’s presence in the secular culture of our day, and he broaches in particular the question of how God can be understood in the context of a world of suffering.


Leading life to the full: scriptural reflections on leadership in catholic schools

David Tuohy SJ provides guidance for lay principals and teachers who as part of their own commitment to God and ministry in the church wish to deliver a christian ethos in schools.


Ethical globalisation

 Globalisation has integrated the world economy and brought prosperity to some countries, but left many others on the margins. This book examines the phenomenon of globalisation and argues that, to make it ethical, values of solidarity, preferential for the poor, promoting human dignity and the common good should guide the [...]


At the Breaking of Bread – Homilies on the Eucharist

Fr Patrick Jones selected these homilies on the Eucharist as reflections on many of the scriptural themes contained in the Apostolic Letter Mane nobiscum Domine. It should be a source of inspiration for all engaged in pastoral ministry.


Sunday thoughts.com

Martin Tierney has gathered together personal reflections based on the Sunday and feastday readings for the three year Liturgical cycle. They are both inspirational and a good resource for people preparing Sunday Liturgies.


To love and to cherish: a wedding with a difference

This book edited by Oliver Brennan offers a wide choice of readings, prayers, blessings, contemporary reflections and forms of engaging vows, two model weddings, one with and one without Mass, as well as a newly created ceremony for interfaith marriages.


The Death of Religious Life

Tony Flannery recounts the development of ‘religious life as he has experienced it from the time he entered, in the fifties, until the present day. He suggests that the seeds of the present decline were already being sown early on and questions whether a new form of religious life will [...]


A journal for today

The editor of “Studies”, Fergus O’Donoghue SJ, writes about the cultural apostolate he and his counterparts in other countries exercise through being editor of the Jesuit cultural journals.


What is World Communications Day?

Every year on the Sunday before Pentecost the Church celebrates the achievements of the communications media and focuses of how it can best use them to promote gospel values. Patrick Duffy explains what it is and refers to both the achievements and new initiatives of CatholicIreland.net.


Why bother with theology?

Alex Wright, Director of SCM Press, calls for theologians and churches to dialogue seriously with contemporary culture in a world where religion and faith are becoming ever more marginal.


Confronting power and sex in the Catholic Church: reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus

Retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson critiques the Church’s use and misuse of power, from the Pope to any preacher at the pulpit. He also proposes a new model of exercising authority in the Church where all the members are treated as responsible adults.


Living a spirituality of communion

Boethius defined ‘person’ as an individual, and that became theologically and socially dominant, whereas Augustine understood person as ‘relatio’ and Aquinas as ‘relatio subsistens’. Tom Norris thinks if we could return to thinking of the divine person as ‘relatio’ we could more easily return to a spirituality of communion.


The legacy of John Paul II

The theologians who wrote the essays for this book have done theology a great service. They have shown how Pope John Paul II in the twenty-six years of his pontificate progressed and developed the way the Church thinks on a wide range of themes: revelation, suffering, the Holy Spirit, communism, [...]


Who is my neighbour? Deus caritas est: An encyclical for our times?

This is a book of papers delivered at a conference on the encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI Deus caritas est. And like Jesus’ reply, it pushes beyond the defences implied in asking the question ‘Who is my neighbour?’ Eoin G. Cassidy, Head of the Philosophy Department at Mater Dei is [...]


The fisherman’s net: the influence of the papacy on history

Fr Michael Collins examines the extraordinary history of the papacy and the great influence it has had on the development of civilisation.


The critical spirit: theology at the crossroads of faith and culture

Andrew Pierce and Geraldine Smyth OP edit this tribute to Gabriel Daly OSA. It is a collection of essays on faith and culture by such authors as Enda McDonagh, David Tracy and Johann Baptist Metz.


Windows on social spirituality

This series of essays from the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice reflects on the integration of spirituality with a commitment to working for a more just world.


Nurturing children’s religious imagination: the challenge of primary religious education today

Nurturing Children’s Religious Imagination is aimed at primary school teachers, parents and others as they set about responding to the challenges of religious education in the twenty-first century It is edited by Raymond Topley and Gareth Byrne.


The rites of Brigid, goddess and saint

February 1st, the feast of Imbolg in the old Celtic year, marked the beginning of spring. It was Christianised and adapted as the feast of St Brigid and many rituals still associated with the feast are best understood in the light of their pagan Celtic origins. After a Foreword on [...]


Preparing Liturgies for Victims of Suicide

Pat Seavers book gives some background into suicide itself, its effect on families and the local Christian community, general historical viewpoints, and the unique characteristics of funeral liturgies developed for such occasions.


The God I believe in and why

In this book, Maurice Reidy meets with four people: two are believers and two are not and explores their experiences of religious belief and unbelief. He shows that to believe in God is a reasonable decision and one that can be sustained. He concludes with a personal account of his [...]


Look at it this way: different perspectives on Christian living

Fr Jack McArdle offers his pastoral thoughts and insights on different aspects of Christian living. He looks at different signposts and gifts we may have. Always easy to read, this book will be helpful to many.


The Advent Calendar

Written by Steven Croft, this evolving Advent tale can be read on many levels and is suitable for adults and children alike. It is packed with codes and secrets and invites the reader to explore the deeper meanings of Advent and Christmas.

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