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US Supreme Court

Irish priest to challenge diocese in US Supreme Court

Fr John Gallagher alleges he was pushed out of his parish by Bishop Gerald Barbarito and the Diocese of Palm Beach because he refused to cover up for another priest’s sexually inappropriate behaviour with a child.


Court backs Sisters’ right not to give contraceptives

“A huge win for the Little Sisters, religious liberty, and all Americans,” - Mark Rienzi of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.


Independent TD wants chapel set up in Dáil Eireann

South Tipperary Deputy Mattie McGrath sees "no reason why there could not be a specific space for prayer in the Oireachtas on a full-time basis”.


Priest may face jail over Seal of Confession

US Supreme Court refuses to excuse priest from testifying in court case.


Little Sisters’ win supreme court case

Nuns had objected to birth control mandate on religious grounds.

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