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terminally ill

Assisted suicide bill for Dáil

To those who advocate for ‘death with dignity’ Prof Des O’Neill responded that human dignity cannot be lost through disability, disease, dependency, or suffering. However he added that: “insensitive treatment or attitudes to those so affected can constitute undignified care,” and issues such as adequacy of treatment and support should be properly addressed.


Charlie Gard’s parents end legal battle for treatment

Chris Gard and Connie Yates withdraw their legal challenge after Dr Michia Hirano, a professor of neurology in the US who had offered to provide an experimental treatment to Charlie, told them it was too late and wouldn’t work.


Oppose assisted suicide bill Cardinal Nichols urges

“Helping someone to commit suicide compromises the fundamental human dignity of both parties involved. Assisted suicide is assisted killing.”


Media bias on abortion entrenched claims PLC

Concern over disparity between 33 pro-choice articles and 1 pro-life article that appeared in national papers in the space of a fortnight recently.

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